Thursday, February 16, 2012

We have a "toddler," when did that happen?

Over the past few months I've had several things I wanted to blog about; crafts, outings, vacations, etc. but obviously that never happened.  Blogging has definitely been put on the back burner but hopefully this year I will be diligent about sharing a lot more on here... notice I said, hopefully :)

One of the most exciting things that has happened here recently... CHRISTOPHER TURNED ONE!!! Everyone says the first year flies by and in the first couple weeks you are thinking they are crazy, but here we are with a one year old feeling like we just brought a 7 lb. baby home from the hospital. While Christopher is not even close to 7 lbs anymore, he is also no longer a baby. This past year it has been such an incredible blessing to watch him grow, become more independent and to just see how much cuter he gets everyday :) It definitely was a year filled with love, fun, memories, learning, amazing times and hard times.

I thought a perfect way to recap his first year would be with a list of what he did each month and of course, pictures (I only took a couple thousand his first year!).

* Birth- 1 Month:
- I liked to stare at faces
- I started to coo and "talk"
- I started to follow objects with my eyes
- I smiled :) (I know that people think they can't smile this young, but he was one smiley little dude!)
Just sleeping in my Boppy :)

I also loved to sleep in my swing!
* 1 Month - 2 Months:
- Daddy went on his first trip so Mommy and Me spent 5 days at Grampy and Grammy's
- I rolled from tummy to back
- I started to hold my head up
- I started grabbing/holding objects
- I slept through the night (or at least 8 hours straight)
Working on my head control
Cheesing at the camera
Hanging out with Grampy and Grammy while Daddy was away
* 2 Months - 3 Months:
- I moved into my new house!
- I laughed
- I loved to look at myself in mirrors
- I loved to stand and bounce (with Daddy & Mommy's help of course!)
- I loved to play with my activity gym and bat at the toys
- I liked to chew on my hands, or anything I could put in my mouth
- I rolled from back to tummy
Lounging in my swing with my Snugglebunny
Just hanging out while Mommy unpacks in the new house!!
I'm a smiley guy :)
Playing in my activity gym!
Hey, what are you looking at?
 * 3 Months - 4 Months:
- I spent my first night away from Daddy and Mommy at Grampy and Grammy's house
- I LOVED to read books and started to interact when Daddy and Mommy read
- I could sit with support
- If Daddy and Mommy held my hands while I was sitting I could pull myself up to stand
- I watched my Aunt Jess graduate law school
- I went on my first vacation to Whispering Pines Cabin with Daddy, Mommy, Pappy, Grammy, Aunt Stef and Cousin Nathan

At the lion shrine...
How long do I have to sit here?
Grampy and I wore matching sweater vests :)
Guess who is going to Law School next?

Relaxing with my Daddy in the pavilion
Sitting with Grammy on the dock watching everyone canoe
* 4 Months - 5 Months:
- I started trying to crawl
- I could stick my feet in my mouth
- I found my voice and LOVED to talk/scream
- I was dedicated to the Lord at King Street United Brethren Church
- I got more intentional with my hands as my eye/hand coordination developed
- Mommy and Me went with Daddy on a work trip to Crystal City
- I went swimming for the first time
Hey Mom, can you get me a towel?
Getting dedicated to fight in the Lord's army :)
Doing push ups with my penguin
Just call me Mr. Cool
They are just so yummy :)
 * 5 Months - 6 Months:
- I started sleeping without having to be swaddled
- I started solids (avocado, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash and pears)
- Daddy and Mommy went to D.C. for their anniversary and I spent two nights with Pappy and Grammy
Swinging/Chewing on the swing
Love to swim :)
In my "pool" at home. AKA an under the bed storage container filled with toys and water. Just my size and no cost since we already had it :)
I like to be outside!
Daddy teaching me all about computers!
Do I have any avocado on my face?
* 6 Months - 7 Months:
- I went to the beach for a week with Daddy, Mommy, Grampy, Grammy and Aunt Jess
- I got my first tooth!!
- I moved to my "big boy" car seat
- I got my second tooth!!
- Daddy and Mommy moved my crib down because I started to pull myself up on the sides
I thought when we got to the beach at 11pm that it was time to get up and play, especially when I saw Grampy, Grammy and Aunt Jess!!
I love to steal Grampy's hat :)
The beach sure does wear a little boy out!
Heading down to the beach
I just love this pool so muchhh :)
Wrestling with my hat while warming up with Grammy
First time in the ocean!!!

In my big boy car seat
Wrestling my ball
Daddy teaching me how to play golf
I popped two teeth!
I'm a pretzel :)
* 7 Months - 8 Months:
- I started army crawling everywhere!
- I was pulling up on everything and could stand by myself
- I loved to walk (holding onto Daddy and Mommy's hands)
Playing in the sand :)
Giving kisses to my reflection
Going for my first motorcycle ride :)
Getting ready to go for a stroller ride
Playing outside!
Playing train with Pappy
 * 8 Months - 9 Months:
- I could click my tongue
- I started crawling (on all fours)
- I could sit myself up
- I started feeding myself finger foods
- I went to the Pumpkin patch and picked my 1st pumpkin
- I was Baby Mario for Halloween
- I could hold my bottle by myself (consistently)
Picking out the perfect pumpkin
Sitting in my glider
Playing in the pumpkin goo
In my little pumpkin suit
Baby Mario
 * 9 Months - 10 Months:
- I loved to walk around, holding onto the furniture
- I could walk all around the house using my walk behind toy (thanks for letting me borrow it Braydon!)
- I learned how to clap
- I said "hello" all by myself (the phone on my activity table said "hello" in a song and I repeated it)
- I started standing/balancing myself without holding onto anything
- I started throwing, everything
- My language really started developing. Daddy and Mommy would say a word and I would try hard to repeat it. Ball (ba), kitty (key), cat (ca or cat), more (mo), bottle (ba ba) and book (buh).
Playing with my car ramp
Riding on Sheldon
My photo shoot for the Christmas card
Sleeping before Thanksgiving dinner (I thought was supposed to sleep after the turkey?)
Peeking through my tunnel
* 10 Months - 11 Months:
- I got my third tooth on my 10 month birthday!
- I got my fourth tooth (they come in pairs)
- I started to put myself to sleep more regularly
- I started to sleep without my sleep sack (had a blankie and lovey)
- I took my first steps (unassisted)
- I learned to climb stairs
- My favorite thing to say was "uh-oh"
Helping Daddy and Mommy move the pens into their new desk
Helping Daddy fluff out the tree
Getting a quick rinse in the sink while we were in D.C.
My new Penn State hat from Aunt Jess
I'm supposed to be sitting?
Building blocks in my playroom
* 11 Months - 12 Months:
- I learned how to drink from my sippy cup
- I LOVED to mimic sounds/words
- I started walking
- I started eating more table food
- I celebrated my first birthday
Helping Mommy fold my laundry. I always love to play with the socks
I LOVE to climb the stairs!
First time out in the snow :)
I get into everything :)
Picking up some last minute things for my party... No, I didn't let Mommy buy the hat.
 As you can see the first year was ever changing and we cannot wait to see, Lord willing, what this next year will bring for our little man and for us as a family. Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers. We couldn't have survived the first year without it all :)