Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Simplify, Week 4: Choose Your Own Adventure

Before I was even through reading the phrase "Choose your own adventure" I knew what area of the house I was going to focus on. Are you ready...


When we first started looking for houses a finished basement was on our "must have" list. I wanted a place that our children could hang out with their friends, have sleepovers and a sports haven for Tim.  Most of the houses we looked at though did not have finished basements, or were above our price range.  Our "runner up" house had a beautifully finished basement with a game room, office, gas fireplace and much more. I fell in love, but the house didn't compare to the house we ended up buying, so we sacrificed the basement.

Looking back an unfinished basement is perfect for our family right now. We can store all bigger "baby" items in between infants, we have plenty of place in the basement for all of our summer items (grill, lawnmower, Christopher's outside toys, etc.) until we get a shed and it isn't another huge area to clean which I am thankful for since moving from a small townhouse to our house has already quadrupled our cleaning list :)

Upon moving into our house back in April the basement definitely got to be the "dump" for boxes we weren't sure what to do with, all of the things we needed to go through and all of our things that were going to be stored down there. Having a three month old did not give us much time to go down and clean/organize so it stayed messier than I would have liked for a little while. SLOWLY, but surely, I got most of our things semi organized and all the boxes had been sorted through.

As Christopher outgrew things and we settled into our house more items ended up in the basement without the time to properly store them and although most others wouldn't have called it a mess I knew I wanted to weed through some more of the boxes and organize some more!

Sadly, I forgot to take "before" pictures and by the time I remembered I was in the middle of organizing and moving things around so there were things everywhere. I honestly didn't think that I would get this project done in a week, especially when I didn't feel motivated and I felt like I was just making a bigger mess, but I DID IT and it definitely feels rewarding. I just took it one step at a time and anytime I saw something that needed to be done I did it! So, it's definitely not a beauty but here is our basement...

Tim's office area for when he teleworks, which is rare.

Our "yardsale" corner, plus a friend's recliner. Whatever doesn't sell by the end of May is going to Goodwill.

Outdoor and baby items
When our basement is finished this back nook will stay a storage area for our camping gear, seasonal decorations, etc.
I hate storing things in Cardboard boxes, so you will only see 1 or 2 of them :)
Thankful for Sterilite containers and laminated note cards to label!
Craft/teaching supplies
Cat Corner :)

Overall March went incredibly fast and I was excited to complete Project Simplify. It gave me enough motivation and accountability to finish projects I wanted to do around the house. Next thing on my list, finishing Christopher's one year scrapbook :)

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