Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Simplify, Week 3: Closets and Countertops and Drawers, Oh My!

This past week's project was a collaboration of places that gave me a lot of choices and in the end I chose our game closet, coat closet, jewelry/make-up cabinet, the master closet and all of my clothing drawers. Sounds like a lot but Christopher and I had it tackled by Wednesday and I was very happy with the amount of items that were going to be leaving our house!

First up was the game closet. Before I show you the before and after pictures you must realize that Tim and I are both avid game players. We enjoy a variety of games from the classics, to strategic and of course the good old card games! Needless to say we both brought a lot of games into the marriage (we even had a lot on our wedding registry) and are always asking for more at Christmas, birthday's, etc. In fact I think at this moment I have about 5 on my wish list... we just can't get enough! We are also lucky enough to have families and friends that enjoy playing games so they still get a lot of use even with a 14 month only boy running around :)

After, doesn't look too different. Just wanted to go through everything and reorganize a bit. I am hoping to get a small basket to put all the decks of cards and small games up top into and we did get rid of one game.

Next in line was my jewelry/make-up cabinet in our bathroom. Again, not too messy, but I did have jewelry in there that I've had since middle/high school that I never wear! Definitely time to weed through and get rid of any plastic rainbow star bracelets :)

After, definitely a much cleaner/organized look!
Things that need to go! Already sold all of the earrings I got rid of and the most of the headbands, it was great to get organized and make some extra money :)

Christopher decided after those two areas were completely that he needed a nap and he definitely deserved one after playing with a few games, putting together puzzles, army crawling under the spare bed, organizing nail polish, sorting headbands, making some phone calls and ripping up reading Mommy's magazines all while I was going through things. This left me to tackle the master closet and dresser drawers by myself...
We have an amazing walk-in closet,which, after having limited closet space in our townhouse is amazing! When we first moved in Tim told me if it didn't fit in there it had to go. I still had to get rid of three trash bags full of clothes, whoops!
My side of the closet is still entirely too full, I just have a hard time getting rid of clothes and used to buy way too many of them.
I didn't take before/after pictures of the closet and my drawers because it doesn't look any different, besides a few less articles of clothes.
Pile of clothes/shoes I'm getting rid of.
And last, but not least... The coat closet/coat rack.
After. As I was moving all of our winter coats upstairs I realized that they were the only winter item we got out. We didn't ever need to get out thermals, boots, etc.
After, didn't want it to be completely empty!
This week's project is to pick your own adventure and I'm hoping to have it done this week. I'm keeping it a surprise and hoping that all of my hard work shows in the before and after pictures!!

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  1. LOL on the Rainbow star bracelets : ) I'm pretty sure I have some smiley face earrings from middle school floating around somewhere...probably time to let them go huh?