Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Christopher and I gave Daddy his gift yesterday as little man was going to spend the night with Grampy and Grammy so Daddy and Mommy could serve snacks at our church's Saturday evening service. Getting a night to fellowship and then spending Father's Day/my birthday with family was a win/win :) We did miss seeing Pappy though, but will get to see him Wednesday!!
Below is how Tim's gift was supposed to be presented but Christopher took the swords and ran off to show them to Daddy :) They had fun for awhile playing swords, although Christopher wants both of them so it's hard to duel! I see these being a favorite for awhile... watch out cats!!

Tim's gift... the swords were picked out by Christopher who fell in love with them in the store and DIDN'T want to let go of them in the store or at home :)

This was the note on the front. The underlined words/phrases were hints for Tim to guess his gifts. We got him Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (impossible mission), Rivals of Catan card game expansion (rivals), 2 foam swords (duels) and Every Man, God's Man book (every man).
Christopher and Daddy on Father's Day

Christopher and Grampy on Father's Day
Wishing all the dads out there a wonderful Father's Day!!

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