Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ten on Ten

Ten on Ten...

I saw this project a few months ago on my friend Angee's blog and thought, "How fun!" I love to take pictures and it is such a beautiful way to slow down and appreciate all the amazing things in life whether big or small. Lets just say it took a few times of writing it in my planner to actually remember to take pictures before the day was over :)

Here's our tenth:

Watering the lilies we planted last week
Steven laying in his favorite position, "the superman!"
A little R&R during Christopher's nap time! Working on my summer reading list!
Spending a few minutes on pinterest
The "I just got up from my nap and would like to go read those books on the bookshelf" face.
Watching some SVU while relaxing
Funfetti cake!
Building towers from inside the truck is so much cooler!
Went for a bike ride on a beautiful night. Obviously my bike butt is a little out of practice because I had to stop due to the seat becoming way too uncomfortable. Have a new one to put on, will do that tomorrow!
Was going to make pear-sauce for Christopher but figured I would do that tomorrow during nap, it was definitely a lazy Sunday around here which is a rarity, but much needed!

Happy June 10th!


  1. I haven't read a book in over a week and it makes me sad. Stupid library waiting list. ;) Love your bike.

    1. I've been striking out at the library lately, or been waiting on reserved books, but the other day they actually had four books that were on my list so I snagged them :) I absolutely LOVE the library, it's such an awesome resource!