Monday, December 3, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas: Day 1}

Up first, The Story of Christmas by Patricia A. Pingry.

I chose this book first because Christopher is obsessed with Jesus right now. He loves reading his little Bible, praying, singing Jesus Loves Me and telling us what Jesus does and doesn't do. I thought this book would be right up his alley and what better book to start with than one that portrays the true meaning of Christmas.

Our activity was making cards to send to the Holiday Mail for Heroes program (you can read more about that here!) When I taught preschool we did this each year and I think it's such a wonderful program to shower our service members with gratitude and love during a time of the year that it's hard to be away from home. A simple message that we put inside all of our cards is, "Thank you for your service and sacrifices today and every day! Merry Christmas!"

I had also wanted to do a North Pole Breakfast like Jessica at Little Pumpkin Grace but found I just didn't have the time this year and since Christopher isn't really that into sweets I figured I would save the sugar for next year when he'll probably be addicted :)

Here are a few pictures from our 1st day!

Pink Red pancakes for breakfast!
Opening his first book! All this practice with wrapping paper he'll be a pro by Christmas!
So excited there was a book inside!!
Asking Elfie if he is enjoying the story
Coloring cards for Holiday Mail for Heroes!
Some of our finished products. I also included some regular Christmas cards too.

In case you are just joining us, here is the post with all the Christmas books.

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